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10 Easy Steps to Create a Google Form


Google Forms can be very helpful especially if you need a form on your website and or use it for your online business. The goal of this articles is to teach you how to create Google Forms. By using Google Forms you will be able to collect names and emails. You can also easily gather information on your mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well as computers.


1.  The first thing that you need to do is to log in to


2.  Then you need to go to New, and after that Form, which is located on the left button on the top of the navigation bar.


3.  Then you are going to write the Title of your form to the Untitled Form.


4.  You will then describe what your form is all about in the next box


5.  If you notice in the google spreadsheet, the next box is titled as Name. You can use this for typing an individual's name. It's up to you whether you will edit it or just leave it alone. You can edit it by placing your mouse curser over it and then click on the pencil icon. You can also delete it by clicking the picture of a bin or trash can. Meanwhile, the other boxes will allow you to duplicate it or create a copy of it.


6.  Then you will create your first question. It is important that you type in a title for your question.


7.  The amazing thing about Google Form is that you can include Help Text to give further instruction on what kind of data or information should be filled in - although this is not necessary.


8.  Then you will see there a drop down box also called Type. This is where you can choose which type of questions to use. It can be Text, Paragraph Text, Multiple Choice, Checkboxes, Choose From a List, and then Scale.


9.  You will have the freedom to choose whether or not you will make a particular question required. If you want a required question, then check the box to enable it.


10.  Finally, click done.


After you are done making a form, you can now go back to the main Google Docs page. Then you will see the new form that you made under All Items. Google Forms are very helpful. Just be sure that you get to ask the right questions and that you stay organized, create google form here!