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Things You Need To Know About Using Google Docs


Google is by far one of the largest companies today and the great thing about them is that they have presented the public with so many products that they can use for no fee at all. Google docs would be one of their free products. Back in the day, when people want to create a document, they would need to use Microsoft Word. If they need to create any kind of presentation, the Microsoft Power Point would come in handy. When you would like make a chart or table then you can use the Microsoft Excel. However, when you use Google Docs, you no longer need to open three different programs for three different purposes because this is capable of handling all three of them.


When you are going to write a document, you no longer have to install Microsoft Word because the Google Docs will do just fine. It even has the same features MS Word has such as the spell check, the word count, and all the layout features you use to make your document look exactly the way you want it to. Inserting an image, footnote, tables, charts, graphs, is also possible with the use of the Google Docs.


When you are an internet marketer or a business owner, you would need to make spread sheets on a regular basis. This is available on the wufoo Google spread sheet and there is even an added feature wherein you can make more than just one spread sheet on your main sheet. Organizing all your documents has never been this easy and convenient.


When you are about to go in a meeting to present a project, you can use the Google docs to create your report and it is very much like Microsoft Power Point. There are various templates and designs to choose from to make your report look more attractive to the viewers. There are also options on how you can make the presentation move better.


There is also a feature that would let you work better as a team in the company. You are the one who holds the decision on who can get access to certain files and documents. There is even a feature for you to know who recently pulled out the file and edited it. This is not just convenient but also good in keeping things private. You can even decide on whether or not you like the changes made or you want to stick to the original. Go here for google forms survey